My Wrap UP

Hi, everyone! How are you? Feeling good? Excellent!
I was just finished my last paper exam today…and guess what, yup, GGGE 2153 Educational Technology, 1200 at DTAMS. What a relief! (^_^)
I really can’t wait to go home for the holidays.

TESL Year 2

TESL Year 2

Education Technology is a very interesting course. I have learnt many things from this course.
Firstly, it improves my communication skills. I have discussion with my group through our Facebook group. Instead of having a discussion and idea-changing, it helps us to strengthen the bonding among us. Not just for a serious matter, we share our laugh and jokes together in the group.
Secondly, educational technology helps in boosting my soft skills. We have learnt on video production where we make our own video. My confidence level increases after this learning. This can be shown from my first video and my second video below. I can feel that I am now, a better person with a better confidence level. Congratulations to me myself!

Besides, I have got many things in the video production. I have learnt on storyboard, composition of shooting, video-editing and audio-editing. Now I know, having a storyboard is important in order to ensure that we are in the right path. Composition of shooting such as middle-shot and others help to increase the quality of photo-produced. For my observation, yes, DSLR camera gives the best quality of photo shooting. Thank you to my friend, Stephina Lupang for lending her camera for photo and video-shooting purpose. For video-editing, we have learnt how to edit video by using Premiere and Windows Movie Maker. Yes, Premiere has a better quality video-editing because it has more effects but, as for me myself, I love to edit video by using Windows Movie Maker because I have learnt about it before than Premiere.

2012-09-28 12.04.33


Oh yaaa!!! We have also learnt about Photoshop. This software can be used for photo-editing. Yup, we have used this for our poster-making.


images (2)

One more thing, we have applied CASPER technique in editing our poster. CASPER is a very useful technique especially for presentation purpose such as power point slides, poster, banner or bunting.


As a conclusion, Educational Technology is very worth to be learnt. As future educators, we should learn, practise and apply this knowledge in our future teaching. Special thanks to Dr Rosseni, Madam Hazrati, Mr Helmi and his friends, my beloved teammates of Kita-Kita Production, Teslians and friends for all your supports and cooperation in this 1 semester. I am very glad to have you in my life and I really hope that we can meet again in the future.

Happy Holidays to all. Do take care.

See you again in Semester 2 2012/2013!
Thank you!



At last, here’s the day that we’re waiting for! It’s our EDUTECHNOVATION DAY!
I still can’t believe that it towards the end of this semester.

I love my teammates and I enjoy of being a member of theirs. Thank you guys, love u all!


We work very hard for this course…and finally, here we manage to come out with our poster made by Erna Lina.
Credits to her for such a great efforts in putting her best for this poster.


She has uploaded a few choices of poster in our facebook group so that we can choose one of the best, and only then we come out with this one.
By the way, I really love this poster!

Other groups also come out with a beautiful fantastic great poster. I believe, none of our course mates give zero efforts for this course. We work hard for this course until the final minute, second before the presentation starts.


Presentation starts. Ummi leads the presentation. I can say that she is now come a more confident young lady. She talks better than before, talk confidently in front of many people.


Yes, this course teaches me to be a confident person. As compared to before, I can now improve my communication with y friends.
Well, I really hope that I can be like her one fine day.




Not to forget…our video…

Finally, it comes to our video production.
Credits to Ong Jee Teng for such a great video. She is really burning the midnight oil to finish our video….
it comes to a great work…EXCELLENT! Congratulations dear! (^_^)

I really hope that from my acting-a selfish person who loves littering so much will aware me myself and others to not make littering as our habit. We shall love our nature. Let’s care for it together!

A special thanks to Dr Rosseni, Mdm Hazrati, Mr Helmi and his friends for this meaningful lesson session. I really appreciate it!

Yes, we will meet again! and..thanks for the memories…;-)

don’t forget to…..
Wish us the best of luck for our exam ya!

Thank you!


Hello! How are you? Fine? Good to hear that…Thanks God for the day that we live today. 🙂

Last Friday, our educational technology class delayed for about 20 minutes because there were a group of people that using Lab 2 for their hot discussion. We did not dare to interrupt, so we just stayed in Lab 1.

Then we moved to Lab 2. There were Mr Helmi, Madam Hazrati and Kak Wani. We made ourselves calm first and then only Mr Helmi started the class. Mr Helmi started the class with Adobe Photoshop. He did not realized Kak Wani was there she was supposed to lecture us on Adobe Photoshop. After that, lecture was on.

Never mind, it is still a process of learning, that’s more important…kan? 😉

Adobe Photoshop is an image editor software. We can edit our photos by using this software either we want to add moles or we want the photos to be no pimples. Adobe Photoshop is User friendly, can be used for multipurpose, Very comprehensive graphics program, excellent features,a lot of tools,Adobe Photoshop gives users facility tο edit digital imaging using tools tο touch up pictures based on their creativeness. It makes photos more interesting. However, it depends on the creativity of people, the one that photo-editing.


During the class, we were taught how to create a poster. Why a poster, not a banner or a bunting? Because, we are going to create our group poster based on our project for our becoming big day that is “HARI EDUTECHNOVATION”.
Basically, we were told that our poster will excluded abstract and flow of video production process. It will use film concept with a size of 20×30 inch.
It’s very cool yaa, i like! (^_^)


For my opinion, that’s the real poster with a title and chosen photo. These components in poster are very important in attracting people to come and watch the short video clips.

At 11 o’clock, we proceeded to Lecture 2, that was Premiere (continuous lesson from previous class).

All I can say is, it has the same function with Windows Movie Maker. A special thing about Premiere is, it has more effects as compared to Windows Movie Maker. Video-editing by using Premiere has a greater impact as compared to the one with Windows Movie Maker.


But, until now, since I was being exposed to Windows Movie Maker earlier and before, my heart still belongs to Windows Movie Maker. I know Windows Movie Maker better than Premiere. hoho… :-p


Finished with two lectures. Then, Mr Helmi checked on our video draft…and as for my group, we will upload it in youtube and send the link in fb group soon so that anyone can give comments.

Before the class ended, Madam Hazrati gave a clear briefing regarding our “HARI EDUTECHNOVATION” where we have to prepare a poster with film concept (20×30 inch), powerpoint slides and of course our video. Our big day will at Lab 2 where the dean will come. So, we really need to prepare well physically and emotionally.

I really hope that our bid day will success…see you there! (^_^)

Week 12: CASPER, Information Skills & Adobe Premiere Pro CS4

Halo everyone! 🙂

Last week, we had our class with Mdm Hazrati, Miss Aida, Mr Helmi and Dr Rosseni. Glad to see all of them on that day.

CASPER Moment with Madam Hazrati:


What is CASPER?
Casper is techniques of slide presentation especially in Power Point or Impress.

What are the techniques? There are 6 techniques in CASPER.
1) C- Contrast
Two different items should be differentiated to each other in order to attract audience. This component can be
accomplished by font size, font type, line, colours and graphic.

images (2)

2) A- Alignment
Alignment is a balance with the screen either symmetrical or asymmetrical.

3) S- Simplicity
Simplicity means, we use simple graphic and animation in the slides. This is an attractive way where audience
can understand the message.

4) P- Proximity
Proximity applied Gestalt Theory where it gives its law “objects near each other tend to be grouped together”.
Circles on the left appear to be grouped in vertical columns while those on the right appear to be grouped in
horizontal rows. This means that, objects with the same elements should be grouped near to each other.

5) E- Emphasis
This shows what are the main thing that we want to focus on the screen. This can be done via:
i) Text size and object
ii) Text shape and object
iii) Text arrangement and object
iv) Text color, object color and background color
v) Graphic and animation

6) R- Repetition
It is a standardization which helps to convey message to the audience. And remember too much repetition will
lead to boring presentation. We may use different media such as text, graphic, audio and animation

Next, we move on with Miss Aida on Student Learning with Information in Higher Education.

In this session, I can’t get all her point. All that I get is, Malaysian students, especially in higher education, know how to access internet in order to get information but they are not using it after they got the information. Malaysian students are not able to apply on the information that they get. We, as a higher education students, we should be able how to apply information that we learn. 🙂

Finally, it comes to the final session, that is Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. This final session is done with Mr Helmi.


I still prefer Windows Movie Maker is still the best since I still can’t get myself into this premiere.
We will continue this session this week, again with Mr Helmi. 🙂

Till then yaa…


Last week, we have learned video editing techniques by using Windows Movie Maker. Mr Helmi demonstrated all the techniques.

These are all steps in video editing techniques by using Windows Movie Maker:

1) Step 1: Get video, digital photos, and music into Windows Movie Maker
Mr Helmi asked us to import the video, digital photos, and music that we want to use in your movie.
For the first trial, I just imported the existing files in the computer. 🙂

Step 1 in video editing technique by using WIndows Movie Maker

Step 1 in video editing technique by using WIndows Movie Maker

2) Step 2: Start editing

Then, after I got my files in the Windows Movie Maker, now, I can start editing.
I added those photos to the storyboard/timeline followed by dragging those videos, photos and music from the contents area. In this step, we can trim or arrange the items on the timeline based on which clips that we want. We can also move clips from one spot to another, split clips or combine clips.

Step 3: Add titles, transitions, and effects

In this step, we can add our movie title, transitions and effects.

For titles and credits usually we add a title to our movie at the beginning of the movie which tells people a brief idea on what our video is about while credits tell the people on who created and involved in the production.

Transitions make our movie look nice when one video or picture ends and another begins to play, add transitions between pictures, videos, and titles on the storyboard. There are more than sixty different transitions in Windows Movie Maker. One of them is fade, which that i like the most. 🙂

Meanwhile,putting some effects to videos and pictures on the storyboard will give our movie the appearance we want. One of the effects is Film Age effects. It makes the movie look like an old-time movie. “Flashback time” maybe, kan? (^_^)


Step 4: Publish movie and share it with other people

When we’re happy with your project,then we’re ready to publish it as a movie. When we publish a movie, everything we added to the storyboard/timeline is combined and a new video file is created. I use a Windows Media Player to watch it on my lappy.


This is my movie, the one that I’ve done during the mid sem break…(trial & error)

I found that, after learning video editing in the class, I can now, produce my own movie which I can call it as a short clip. By learning this, I can apply all the techniques in producing my short clips for my education materials in my future Teaching Profession later! 🙂

Week 11: First Draft Presentation Day

Video-Shooting: First Draft Presentation


How are you? Doing fine? Good to hear that. (^_^)

This week, we have our class with Mdm Hazrati and Mr Helmi. Dr Rosseni was unable to be waith us since she had left for Jordan last week and will come back on the 28th.

Have a safe trip, Dr!

We have presented our first draft for our video.

Yup, it’s true. As what Dr Rosseni said before,

“Sometimes we think we have done the best and have poured all the energy and sweat into something and that’s it!”

Mdm Hazrati & Mr Helmi both have given comments so we can make improvements to produce a better work.

I like Farahin’s group. Their draft showed fully 90% work….they used almost the same method with one of the videos that Dr Rosseni showed to us during our first week class. By the way, a great photographer was in their group. So, they have a benefit there. They have positive comments from Mdm Hazrati and Mr Helmi.

By the way, they deserved it…:-) Easy one for u, Broga Team!

For their comments on my group, we need to add on more videos shot by ourselves rather than the one taken from internet and lessen the photos. They also suggested that, try to show causes on the problems and for solution/conclusion, we can ask people’s opinion on how to overcome the nature problem. Some of us can also act like a reporter in order to bring this issue to people.

We showed one of our original scenes at Sungai Congkak. It was a failure since the river looks fresh…and….it was my scene. Huhuhu…

Watch this video out.:

So, we found that we need to find another day for re-shooting. We can’t give out with any good ideas that day since we got many negative comments…here and there, this and that.

Well, ever mind. It’s a learning process. No worries. I am sure that we will come out with a better product soon since we have a great editor & team work! 🙂

We will make a discussion again to come out with our new ideas for SAVE M.E..

“Coming together is a beginning. 

Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success”

-Henry Ford-

Week 10: My Mid-Sem Break

Haloha! (^_^)…!

Here, I would like to share on what I have done for my E-Tech during my mid-sem break.

This multimedia shows our progress in Technology in Education, especially for E-Tech Production group. :-).

It mainly consists of our Pre-production phase: Story-boarding time & our video shooting time….

I really enjoy for being in E-Tech group and, also in learning Technology in Education. It really brings a lot of learning to me. In fact, to me myself, I try to produce my own multimedia show.